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Corporate social responsibility is one of the key priorities for Eximius Group globally. We work to contribute back to societies in which we inhabit, raising awareness and raising to money for key causes in Hong Kong while providing an outlet for our employees to take part in “giving back”.

Suit for Success 2016

We are delighted to support Suits for Success in the third year of this highly successful charitable initiative. Suits for Success was founded in 2014 by Women in Finance Asia (WiFA) to give underprivileged young adults in Hong Kong access to business attire. Buying a new suit, trousers, dress or shoes is a luxury many young budding professionals cannot afford. Suits for Success distributes kindly donated clothing to deserving young adults and runs workshops on how to dress for success in the workplace. The initiative is also generously supported by Friends of the Earth (HK), Project Share Hong Kong, the Pure Group and Uber.

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Project Share Internship Program

Project Share aims to provide opportunities to young people who wish to expand their social network and learn the workplace culture from professionals they encounter from the internships, so as to develop communication and problem-solving skills from hands-on work experience. Eximius co-operated with Project Share for two consecutive years by involving less privileged youth to work in our company as intern. We hope to make a positive impact on these youths and we are really happy to witness the growth and building up of confidence from our intern Joan this summer.

Joan, aged 16, experienced the taste of real working environment in the two weeks of internship. Starting from CV database entry, she got to know more about how a recruitment firm operates by doing all-rounded industry research and candidate mapping. ‘I can’t believe I managed to finish these tasks in these two weeks! I got great job satisfaction when my colleagues appreciated my work.’ Joan said. With her exposure to a corporate environment and being connected with us, she built her confidence step by step and got a clearer picture of career planning.

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Hitting Reality

Hitting Reality is a series of workshops that provide Hong Kong’s youth with the tools they need to succeed as entrepreneurs. We supported Project Share with the organization by utilizing our candidate and client networks to provide corporate venues, speakers and volunteers for each of the six summer workshops where a group of 15 under-privileged youths attended to gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and corporate business.

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Eat For Good

Eat For Good is an innovative and multi-faceted corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative operated by Hands On Hong Kong. We care for the needy in our society and also the physical health of our employees. We hope to support the intellectual disabilities by helping them to position in the society as well as the underprivileged elderly. Not only we are supporting people less fortune in Hong Kong, this also encourages Eximius to go healthy by trying out different organic snacks bar and nuts.

Work Life balance

Eximius understand the importance of a healthy and balanced life. We strive globally to hire the best talent in the recruitment market; we then strive to retain that talent and maintain their physical and mental excellence through initiatives like our work life balance initiative. If a member of our team works solidly for six weeks without booking a day of holiday they will receive an extra day to take at a later date!

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