EMEA Testing & Validation



United Kingdom, London

Permanent, Full time

£75,000 – £90,00


EMEA Testing & Validation


The EMEA Operational Risk Testing & Validation Team within the International Testing & Validation organization is responsible for providing assurance on the internal control environment through specific controls testing, targeted reviews and issues validation primarily driven from the Operational Risk and the Business Process Risk Management program which at times may include components from other corporate program and risk types.

Key responsibilities:

  • Lead the engagement with key stakeholders within relevant lines of business and Operational Risk teams to effectively plan testing activity.
  • Plan & Perform Operational risk testing activities and lead the engagements that independently evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of critical end-to-end processes and controls relevant to the businesses based on defined testing plan and methodology.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are kept apprised of review progress through formal updates throughout the engagement and on the potential issues so that there are no ‘surprises’ for lines of business.
  • Plan & Perform issues and corrective actions validation activities that independently evaluate the adequacy, comprehensiveness and effectiveness of corrective actions taken to remediate issues based on defined methodology.
  • Formally agree issues, recommendations and action plans in consultation with the relevant senior management.
  • Formally document testing activity within the working papers in accordance with the methodology and review the work of other team members.
  • Produce and review reports from other less experienced team members and presentations that clearly articulate the results/conclusions of testing activities and following an internal review process, submit these to senior management.
  • Assist the EMEA Operational Risk Testing & Validation Team Leader with required internal and external reporting on testing activities.
  • Work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with other key T&V points of contact within Corporate Risk, Wholesale and WIM to ensure consistency of T&V programs, policies and procedures
  • Maintain an understanding of the RCRM, Operational Risk Framework, and T&V Standards and the inter-connectivity of its key components
  • Maintain an understanding of business operations and regulatory guidance / expectations



For more information, contact Adam.Bowman@eximius.com or 0207 648 6923.

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EMEA, Operational Risk, Testing and Validation, T&V

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